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  1. Vaccinations: A current vaccination record must be presented on the cat’s arrival. Vaccinations are required for Feline Infectious Enteritis, Feline Respiratory Disease (cat flu) and Feline Leukaemia.  Vaccinations must have been completed a week prior to boarding. Cat owners must satisfy themselves that this condition is met before booking as cats will not be boarded unless this record is in place.
  2. Worm and Flea treatments: It is advisable to treat for fleas and worms prior to your cat being boarded. If treatment is required we will contact your vet to arrange this at the owners’ expense. 
  3. Health, Diet and Behaviour: Any of these must be declared to the cattery at the time of booking. Medication can be administered to manageable cats during their stay. Medication must be provided in the boxes prescribed by the vet with the instructions clearly readable as this will be adhered to. If at any time there is a risk of injury to cattery staff by giving medication then vet advice will be sought at the owners cost. The cattery reserves the right to refuse admission of any cat deemed unfit for boarding. If the cat has sustained any injuries prior to boarding then please discuss this with cattery staff. The final decision to board is with the management. We do not board un-neutered males over 9 months, pregnant females or females in season.
  4. Veterinary treatment: The cat owner herby authorises the cattery to seek vet advice from their normal vet should it be considered necessary. All resulting vet fees will be liable for payment by the cat owner directly to their practice. Vet advice will be followed (including euthanasia) to ensure the best possible treatment for the cat. The cat owner is hereby made aware that no vet insurance cover is provided by the cattery. All possible ways to contact the cat owner should vet advice be required will be made by the cattery.  It would help us if you advise your vet where your cat will be boarded and give them permission to speak with us regarding your cat. By agreeing with these terms and conditions, owners are authorising Arbour Farm Cattery and its staff to treat or authorise treatment for boarding cats on their behalf. 
  5. Liability: All possible care will be taken by the cattery to ensure all cats and any left items are boarded and transported (if required) are done so at the cat owners risk. The cattery does not accept any liability for any loss, damage, or injury to any person or belongings whilst using, or visiting, the cattery and its parking areas. 
  6. Booking: A booking will only be valid when acknowledged by the cattery. Any part of the day stayed at the cattery counts as a whole day in terms of payments due.
  7. Payments: Preferred payments methods are by bank transfer, cash or cheque and are to be made within 7 days of leaving the cattery. Outstanding payments will be served a payment notice reminder which may incur an additional charge. We charge from the day the cat arrives at the cattery up to and including the day of departure. 
  8. Cancellation Policy:  In order to comply with Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 you have the right to a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period when the booking is placed starting the day after the contract (booking) was made. Subject to this ‘cooling off’ period as specified in the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 the following charges may apply:
    (a) Cancellation within 7 days of the original booking will result in the whole fee being due for payment. This is increased to 4 weeks, for the entire booking, in the peak months of June, July, August, September, December and the Easter period. 

    (b) Cancellation made within 14 days of the original booking, a 50% cancellation fee will become payable.
    (c) Cancellations are required in writing. When required the cattery can provide invoices for holiday cancellations for insurance purposes. 
  9. Emergency Contacts: In the event of an emergency at the cattery contact will be made with the named emergency contact provided on the completed booking form. This contact must be able to take (or arrange) to care for the cat in such an eventuality. Their contact details may be shared with emergency staff/services as required. Cats which remain at the cattery 14 days after the stated boarding period end date and in the absence of any communication from the cat owner or their emergency contact/next of kin will be presumed abandoned and will become the property of the cattery owners.
  10. Drop off and collection times: The cattery is open: 
    April – October Monday- Sunday 9-11am
    November – March Monday- Sunday 9-11am 
    The cattery is closed Bank Holidays and various days over Christmas – please ask for details.
  11. Pens: Only cats from the same households may share pens. If the cats show any signs of aggression towards each other then, if the cattery has space, the cats will be separated to prevent any injuries. The cat owner will become liable for any extra charges this may incur. We reserve the right to move cats to other pens if required.
  12. Your contract with us: These terms and conditions form the basis of our contract with you. Placing a booking implies acceptance of these terms. If after placing a booking and these conditions are not met by the cat owner, the cattery reserves the right to not admit the cat and cancellation charges may apply.

Additional Information:
Bedding: All pens have soft comfy pet bedding in the sleeping compartments but cat owners are welcome to provide their own to allow their cats to feel ‘at home’. Toys and other familiar items may be bought into the cattery at the owners risk.
Food: A selection of main brands of dry and wet food is provided by the cattery. We are unable to provide all brands and cat owners are welcome to bring their own food if we do not provide this. There is no reduction in boarding fees if this occurs. PLEASE NOTE WE CANNOT FEED CATS A RAW FOOD DIET DUE TO HYGIENE REGULATIONS IN THE CATTERY. 
Pet carriers: Pet carriers should be free from damage and adequate for the weight of the cat. The cattery accepts no responsibility for incidents resulting from damaged or inadequate carriers.
Website:When updating our website we sometimes include pictures of boarded cats. If you do not wish your cat to be included then please let the cattery staff know.

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Opening Times
November - March
  • Monday - Sunday 9am - 11AM
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